Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development

 Location:                     Bayelsa State, Nigeria.


Funding:                      Foundation for Partnership Initiative in the Niger Delta (PIND)

Year:                            2018


This project will ride on CIEPD previous experience/structures /mechanisms while implementing “The Bayelsa Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Project in Sagbama Local Government” an NSRP funded project.. This project will identify at the community level and continue strengthening the already existing mechanisms to manage conflict in Bayelsa state. This is through building/ creating the capacity of existing LG and community level mechanisms, institutions and processes to support conflict prevention and transformation in targeted at risk communities of Bayelsa State. The project will target already existing peace and security actors (P4P Bayelsa State Chapter, and targeted community grass root peace and security actors) in the at risk communities and LGA areas, by horning their skills to intervene in the emerging dynamics identified by Integrated Peace and Development Unit (IPDU) and CIEPD Conflict Watch Centre.



Objective 1

Enhanced Capacity of Peace And Security In Bayelsa State

Objective 2

Widen the Scope Of Peace Actors In Bayelsa State


  • The emergence of skilled and effective community coping mechanism that can deal with any emergence dynamic of conflict
  • Reduction in violence in key hotspots in Bayelsa state.
  • More collaboration fostered around the idea of peace building across various stakeholder groups (P4P Bayelsa Chapter, and the community grass root peace and security actors) in the Bayelsa.
  • A robust Bayelsa architecture of Peace
  • Increase in PIND’s visibility and footprint in the states of Bayelsa
  • Enhanced capacity among members of local target communities and stakeholders’ in conflict transformation and trauma healing processes to engender peaceful coexistence within the target communities