Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development


Hello I am Lilian okonkwo Ogabo director current affairs rivers state television and I’m also the deputy national president NIgeria association of women journalist (NAWOJ) 

On how the collaborative election violence prevention and mitigation project imparted my life and that of many other journalist in Rivers State, I want to start by appreciating community initiative for enhance peace and development CIEPD and also PIND for that project, because that project and the training arising from that project helped me and other journalists in river state it’s prepared us for the election and of course to cover any election journalists needs to be prepared emotionally and  otherwise and the training giving to us journalists in river state prepared us for the election and it helped us a lot, it taught us the does and don’t, e taught us how to stay away from danger and what to do at any particular time. The training was an eye opener it’s helped us and I tell you we did our jobs very well especially in reporting back what we saw at the election venues. 

So I want to once again thank CIEPD, thank PIND for that training, apart from the election the knowledge gained is something too that will help us in the future, so I want to say for us a journalist we need more of this training 

Thank you CIEPD, thank you PIND it was good working with you during the election