The Bayelsa Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Project in Yenagoa, Ogbia and Sagbama LGs in Bayelsa State

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The project started on 16th Nov of 2015 and ended on 31st May 2017. This reporting will cover the activities that falls within the reporting period.

Project Overview

The rationale for the project was based on the fact that prevailing weak community institutional conflict management structure is a major setback in preventing conflicts in the Niger Delta in general of which Bayelsa State is part of. 

Capacity of a total of  153  people were strengthened in peace building, mediation and Early Warning  Mechanism including reporting, tracking and analysis in the Sagbama local government Areas but with much emphasis on the 9 targeted communities of the project. The project was able to institute architecture of Peace in Sagbama that was called Local Government Transformation Alliance that successfully mediated on 6 conflict cases out of 9 that were reported to them. The program contributed to strengthening the relationship between the security agencies and communities.

During the reporting period, a total of 35 conflict cases ranging from cult related, land/boundary dispute, Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG), Chieftaincy/youth body election were reported, 17 cases were resolved while 18 is still pending as of the time of this reporting. A total of 941 persons were impacted by this program, 583 males and 358 females.